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Sita sings the blues icons

"Sita sings the blues" is an amazing phenomena, on many levels : it is a gorgeous animated musical film, it created new directions for computer graphics and it is a story that makes you think. I can ramble for ages as to why does it always seems to be that the best things in life are free ("Sita sings the blues" is a free-download animation), especially why the best works of art never happen to make too much money for their creators. May be there is something about art that doesn't work well together with the money-making aspect of it.

Anyways, I rarely say this because everyone's tastes are different and something I like may not necessarily suit others, but I think "Sita sings the blues" is an exception :

EVERYONE MUST WATCH "SITA SINGS THE BLUES". IT IS AWESOME. Thank you very much to beleanoptera for the rec.

Icons are free to share, Preview:


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Sita Sings the Blues - Community Intro Post

I just created this community as an LJ portal for Sita Sings the Blues fans (all 5 of us so far on LJ, heh). There is already a facebook group, but no real forum that people pay much attention to. Anything Sita-Related is fair game here. If you've gotten one of Nina's official DVDs (or downloaded one of Drakar2007's unofficial DVDs, hint hint), please post your impressions here!

*sits around to see if anyone joins*
Invite your friends!

To get you started, my upload of the full movie to Youtube:

(Direct link HERE)